About the people behind Vtocrm!

Once upon a time, a Young entrepreneur hated everything to do with manual estimates, invoicing, Payroll, assets Management and noticed that many businesses struggled to keep employees and customers engaged, productive, and happy.

Vtocrm is one of the easiest intranet collaboration systems suitable for project management, and one you can use to manage both leads and corporate documentation.

About Us

VtoCRM is an easy to use CRM software that is designed for B2B. It includes everything you need to run your business like manage customers, projects, invoices, estimates, timelogs. VtoCRM enables sales, support, and marketing teams to organize and collaborate to measurably improve customer experiences and business outcomes.

In short, Vtocrm makes it possible to:

  • Use multiple intranet services
  • Collaborate and manage projects in small teams for free
  • Enjoy the benefits of more transparent decision-making
  • Improve employee engagement and teamwork
  • Track and manage time and engagement, and report on them
  • Manage customer relationships and provide support
  • Store documents in libraries with WebDAV support
  • Govern access permissions in the system
  • Manage external communication
  • Manage Sales Team

Stop Old-fashioned management styles Will Not Work Anymore

Vtocrm: #1 Free Collaboration Platform With CRM,Tasks, HR & Project Management Platform To Grow Your Business